A Dead Poem – Review “Absence of Life”

Review – A Dead Poem „Absence of Life“ EP

published, 26.05.2024

Dead Poem was formed in Brazil in 2023 by Marlon Combat and Carlos Misanthropic with the aim of rescuing the essence and atmosphere of Doom/Black Metal practiced by Katatonia, October Tide, Paradise Lost and Rotting Christ in the early 90s.

Without doubt you can recognize the influences of their idols on the EP but they managed to create their own unique music style. A mix of atmospheric doom/black/melodic deathmetal with some gothic influences. The dark and mystic voice from Carlos Misanthropic captures you immediately. Striking riffs, catchy bass lines and impressive drums take you to another place mentally.  

„Until the Seventh Day“ starts smooth and atmospheric with guitar, orchestral arrangements and Carlos unique ghostlike voice. Leading into an atmospheric doom/blackmetal final.

“A Dead Poem“ is their tribute to Rotting Christ not only by their band name also with this awesome cover version.

These two are my favorites!  

All in all it’s a very well produced and arranged first EP from „A Dead Poem“ and I’m already looking forward to their debut longplayer!

Rating: 8,5 from 10

Release: 15.11.23, Independent


01. Suffocated (Intro)
02. Spherical Tomb
03. Without Anesthesia
04. Until the Seventh Day
05. A Dead Poem (Tribute to Rotting Christ)


Be Misanthropic / Vocal, Drums, Keyboards and Guitar
Marlon Combat / Guitar and Bass


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