Notörious – Review “Marching On”

Notörious – Review “Marching On”

published 05.02.2024

Notörious, founded in 2018, is a Norwegian glam metal band. Their debut album „Glamorized“ came out in march 2020. The new album „Marching On“ is a continuation of their previous one and although the album is deeply rooted in classic rock and glammy heavy metal, NOTÖRIOUS includes a sub-genre of which their native home of Bergen, Norway is known for; black metal – creating their own spin to the genre; “True Norwegian Glam Metal”.
Strong bass lines, fantastic guitar riffs, catchy choruses and over all the amazing voice from Chris Höudini are the outstanding features of Notörious. There’s no doubt that they are influenced by the iconic bands from the 70s and 80s. But on this album they found their own style and it’s a pleasure to see/hear the progress they made during the last years.

The intro starts with some snippets of songs from their previous album „Glamorized“, a unique idea. In the end it turns into the final cords of the title song Marching On. It could be named a short version of their musical path so far.

The first tracks „Manimal“ and „All Night“ are catchy pop-infused and immediately you want to dance along. For the song „Ain’t no Stoppin‘“ they got the well known Mark Boals for guest vocals.

„Eternal Fire“ is the first song which goes deeper into the heavy/black metal genre. On this point they got me totally. Most of all surprised me the amazing vocal range of Chris in „Venom“. He also convinces in lower pitches. My favorite song on the album.

„Remember You“ includes the most amazing guitar solo from Nikki DiCato.

„Marching On“ feat. Henrik Skar (Blackmetal vocalist) is another banger with excellent guitar riffs, bass lines and killer hooks. The perfect song to end this amazing album.

For me the album has two parts, the first half is perfect for partying and dancing along. The second half is heavier and also the lyrics are melancholic and dark. Something that touches me very much. If they continue to follow the path with their unique style consistently, they will stand out from the crowd of glam metal bands. I highly recommend you to check out the album!

“Marching On” was recorded and mixed at Polyfon Studio by Leif Herland, and mastered by Rhys Marsh. The album artwork was created by Italian artist Solo Macello.

Release 19.01.2024, Pride & Joy Music

Rating: 8 – 10


  1. Intro
  2. Manimal
  3. All Night
  4. Ain’t No Stoppin (feat. Mark Boals)
  5. Ten Minutes
  6. Eternal Fire
  7. Remember You
  8. Venom
  9. Marching On (feat. Henrik Skar)


  • Andy Sweet – Bass/Backing vocals
  • Nikki DiCato – Guitar/Backing vocals
  • Chris Höudini – Lead vocals
  • Freddy Kixx – Drums/Backing vocals

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