Beyond The Hate – review “Darkest Times”

Beyond The Hate – Review “Darkest Times”

published: 22.02.2024

Finnish melodic death metal band Beyond The Hate will release their debut album „Darkest Times“ on 8th of march 2024.

In the credits you find this note: „This album is dedicated to those we have lost during the way. You will be missed.“

Also the description could be named a sad one it includes the positive way of remembering the loved ones in powerful and meaningful songs. The orchestral arrangements underline and reinforce the darkness. Powerfull drums and bass lines, massive guitar riffs and above all impressive vocals form the basis for 12 amazing songs on the longplayer. Even the basis is dark and melancholic there’s much melodic in it. Sometimes you even want to sing along in the choruses. And there are always these amazing smooth guitarparts which bring some light into the darkness. You can listen to it in repeat without getting sad or depressive. It makes you think about your life – how fleeting time with your loved ones can be.

Already the first song “Sign of Weakness” starts with an incredible orchestration until massive drums, guitars and Nikos’s distinctive voice take you to their darkness. You will be captured immediately.

Black within is featuring singer Katri Hiovain-Asikainen from Numento. Her amazing voice is a great counterpart to the dark one from Niko Kalinainen.

Left Behind goes into more doom metal and leads into one of my favorite tracks „Dark is The Sky“. A perfect mix of doom/melodic deathmetal with amazing screams, classic orchestrations and choruses. „Dead Ones“ surprises with heavy metal including a fantastic guitar solo. Some clean voice parts in „Times of Misery“ bring a special touch to this song. „The Last Moments“ lyrics capture me in a way I can’t describe.
„In Memorian“ features Jaakko Mäntymaa, singer in Marianas Rest. It is another doomy track with amazing acoustic guitar parts and for me a very special song, as Jaakko performs his part in finnish.  

It’s a pleasure to listen to a debut album that is so well balanced and produced. Beyond the Hate will take a big step towards a well known melodic deathmetal band with their first longplayer. I’m looking forward to their further development and highly recommend you to listen to and buy “Darkest Times”!

Release: 8th of march 2024, Inverse Records

Rating: 8,5 from 10

Track list:
01. Sign Of Weakness
02. Alone I Die
03. The Lighthouse
04. Black Within (feat. Katri Hiovain-Asikainen)
05. The Plague Upon Us
06. Left Behind
07. Dark Is The Sky
08. Dead Ones
09. Stranger in Me
10. Times of Misery
11. The Last Moments
12. In Memoriam (feat. Jaakko Mäntymaa)

Niko Kalinainen – vocals
Kimmo Perälehto – guitars
Jyrki Karhu – guitars
Mikko Monto – bass
Tommy Uhtio – drums

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