Interview with Mikko Heikkilä, Kaunis Kuolematon

after playing their first gig at Ragnarök Festival 2023 in Germany

Thank you for taking the time Mikko. You just played your first gig in Germany at Ragnarök Festival, Saturday, 15.04.23. For sure, I didn’t want to miss your show and as always it was a blast. But let us know how was it for you? Let’s go back to the day it was decided that you were going to play at Ragnarök. What was going on in your mind? Did you have any expectations or was it like let’s see how it’ll work out? 

  • Some time ago we started cooperating with RedBack Promotion, which arranged this for us. An earlier personal experience with Black Sun Aeon at the Summer Breeze festival made me think that it would be nice to experience a similar gig with our own band. The gig was immediately accepted and the idea was to go now and see what it brings. We were thrilled, to put it simply.

About the Festival organizers in general? Is it comparable to Finnish Festivals? Did you miss something or did they surprise you with unexpected things? 

  • Everything was very well organized, as an experience from the festivals we have played in Finland. Nothing bad to say at all. Waiting for a new invitation 🙂 Hopefully this will push us forward to take the next step for the future.

 Did you have time to meet up with other bands backstage? 

  • The rather tight schedule and the relatively small backstage spaces kept the group busy so not many of them really got together to chat. Hello, hello here and there.

How did you feel about the reactions of the audience during your gig? What went through your head after the last note had faded away? 

  • It was great all in all. And it was nice to notice that the Finnish language was definitely not an obstacle to the fact that the audience would not have enjoyed it. You could see from the people that the music and its melodies were the core of the story and they enjoyed it. Confusing and surprising. At the end of the gig, I had the feeling that everything was over too quickly. Would have liked to repeat another 40 minutes. 

Yeah, you nailed it! Me too, and I guess everyone else had the same feeling. After the show I met some people which were more than touched by your performance. Some of them even didn’t know about you before. Some attended the Festival because they never got the chance to see you playing live before. Have you ever expected all this positive reactions? 

  • Has somehow been able to sense it through social media, but it only became concrete at that festival. It seemed a bit strange when someone said he drove 8 hours just to come and see us. We just have to be thankful that there are fans like that <3

That is what real fans will do for you every time! 😉 Besides your gig, did you enjoy your stay in Germany? Did you like the food and beverage at the festival? 

  • Everything went well and everything that was offered was good. The 8 hours at the airport on the day of departure could have been spent differently, but hey, that’s life 🙂 Huge thanks to Micha at REDBACK Promotion und Ragnarök Festival including all who were working there and made that happen.

With whom did you practice German? 

  • I myself planned where I would speak and what I would speak through Google translator 🙂 My German friend checked that everything was possibly correct or even that way, thanks to him. Like this we just wanted to respect the audience there.

Thank you very much. The audience really liked it. I guess the last question is the most important one for your German fans. Are you planning to play more gigs in Germany in the future? 

  • You would always plan for it, but all this takes time. Nothing has been confirmed, but we hope to get something done.

Kiitos ajastasi, Mikko, and all the best for your upcoming album which I’m looking so much forward. And hopefully you’ll come back to Germany to present it to your fans. 

  • Danke schön, wir werden zurück kommen. 🙂

 Mikko/ Kaunis Kuolematon

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