Review album “Insane Circus” – DarkFlow

Review album “Insane Circus” – DarkFlow

DarkFlow is the Shock Rock act from Switzerland, in which its founding members are Sean Horror (Singer) and Flow (Lead Guitar). The idea to create DarkFlow was to follow the line and tendency of bands like Alice Cooper, King Diamond, Rob Zombie, Ghost. DarkFlow is a band with many influences but it keeps its originality, the idea of being a Shock Rock act is to be free to explore many different styles of music inside the rock/metal vibes and to create its own metal theatre in which Sean Horror’s lyrics are real life events that he lived.

“Insane Circus” is produced by themselves together with Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), who did a mighty work in mixing and mastering. Also they invited as guest drummer Snowy Shaw (Mercyful Fate, Dimmu Borgir). The album has an orchestrated sound, powerfull riffs and a very strong Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal vibe – a new level of Shock Rock.

All songs are 100 % the true life of Sean Horror. An unbelieveable story to write an album about your own life, illness and death. We became friends almost 2 years ago. So for me this was the most difficult review to work on. Nethertheless it’s a great honor for me to do it and I’ve never been touched more by listening to this album from the beginning until the end. 

The songs are arranged like the music for a movie about the life and death of Sean Horror. The way he sings in every song you can feel all the pain he’s already and still going through. No one who’s never been through hell can give you more this feeling of pure pain and suffering. The instrumental arrangements fit perfectly to the sad lyrics. Everyone did a great job. 

“Suicidal Headaches” is an example of a real headache feeling with the drumm staccato and guitar riffs. Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) has a guest appearance in this song. “Eternal Suffer” comes along with a very catchy melody. The song arrangement with the piano and the dark and heavy guitar riffs in „It’s getting Darker“ let you feel the darkness.

Every metal album needs a ballad. „Let me see you“ is a beautiful one which brings me to tears everytime I listen to it. And it isn’t a surprise that this song is the most streamed one from the album so far. It’s my favorite .

“Darkflow” is the hymn about the unique friendship between Sean and Flow. An amazing song to play live and for the audience to sing along. For sure it includes a fantastic guitar solo. The “Final Act” gives you pure goosebumps, you can feel the end is near. A touching farewell.

But be sure, it’s not the final act in creating new music for DarkFlow!! The work on a sequel has already begun.

Rating: 10 from 10

Independent release: 07.05.2023

Mixed and Mastered by Andy LaRocque, Sonic Train Studio

Sound design: Brian Bendahan

Artwork and Layout: MacSlaughterday

The album is available at (see below the link)


1 – Insane Circus

2 – Suicidal Headaches

3 – Eternal Suffer

4 – It’s Getting Darker

5 – Let Me See You

6 – The Masochist

7 – DarkFlow

8 – The Final Act

9 – And Get Well Soon

DarkFlow are:

Sean Horror – vocals

Flow – guitar

Greg – bass

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