Interview with CK Smile and Valery Veings – Chaoseum

Pictures: Alain Jordan

Right in front of their gig in Lyss, 19.11.21, I had the pleasure to talk with them about concerts, fangroups and more.

Nice to see you, CK and Val.

CK and Valery: Nice to see you too.

I hope you have a great show later. So let us talk about your last concert. How was it for you?

CK: Oh, the last one was the acoustic show and it was very different for us. We had a very fucking great time. Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know if I can say fuck, shit.

Haha, you can say anything you want CK!

CK: It was very interesting for us. Honestly we were very nervous, because that was the first gig in acoustic. It’s not usual for us. Just before the gig our hands trembled a lot but everything was very great. We had a wonderful time and beautiful weather. Everything was very good.

How do you feel today?

CK: A little bit sorry! ???? No, I feel good.

Valery: Me too.

CK: We gonna be better on stage I think. For now we just relax and just hanging around. My little Jacky with me, just walking around and on stage we gonna be completely insane.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

Pictures: Alain Jordan

Val: It’s „First Step to Hell“

CK: That’s a hard question. The first one we play on stage is „Second Life“, I really love that song. It’s the first on the setlist and have the good vibe, the good energy but not a lot. Because we put some more energy after that song, for now it’s „Second Life“. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be another one.

Are you going to play „Unreal“ today?

CK: Maybe, I don’t know. We can think about it. We’ll check that on stage. We’ll discuss it. 😉

What do you think about the Chaoseum fangroups and pages on facebook/instagram? Did you expect such an rapidly increasing interest?

CK: It’s completely a good thing because we see just many people supporting us. That’s a very precious gift for us. We need all that people really. That’s my point of view and a really good thing. I appreciate it.

Val: For me too because we can see people from south america meet people from Europe.

CK: Yeah, we see people around the world. That’s a little bit weird for us because we’re not a big band, we aren’t Metallica or something like this. It’s still a little bit weird for us. It’s not usual for us to see all the people listening to our music, liking all our stuff. Thank you all for buying all our fucking stuff. It’s a very good thing for us. We love all that people.

Did you expect to get so many views for the video „Smile Again“? It’s over 5 Mio. now.

CK: No, we never expected that. I mean, we were really surprised to see all the reactions. By the way it doesn’t matter if it’s a bad or a good reaction. Just see many people react about this clip. As I told you on radio we made it only with a phone made by ourselves. That’s very special to see all the reactions. Until now I’m still surprised.

What do you think about it when someone says your songs helped me when I was down or in a difficult situation?

CK: That’s a very fucking big gift for us. To know many people find some help through our songs, it’s very special for me. I never expected something like this. I just shared my experience but many people find something similar to their experiences. I’m very gratefull and it’s very special for us to know that many people find a good way listen to our music. We will continue to work very hard for all the people. Val, I don’t know if you want to say something. ????

Val: I think the same.

Haha, Val you wrote the lyrics for „Feel“!

Val: Yes! When it’s time to go to bed sometimes my mind wake up and sometimes during the night I think about a lot of things. So I wrote this song. Each song from „Second Life“ talks about the second Life. „Feel“ is about a dead man who tries to speak with his wife. The lyrics are really simple but when you discover that the guy is dead, you see the lyrics from a different point of view.

Did you also write the music/melody for this song?

Val: No, Loïc and CK wrote the music.

CK: Well, for this one only our sexiest colleague ????. (Loïc just passed by) He made all the instrumental for „Feel“.

You will tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse next year in Europe.

CK: I hope the tour won’t be postponed again, because it happened already two times. Fucking god I’m tired of it! I hope this tour will take place. We are playing Leipzig and München in Germany.

Do you have plans for another tour, maybe as main act?

Val: Right now it’s really hard to think about that. The situation is really hard and you don’t know if you can cross the borders. So right now we only planned this shows in Switzerland.

CK: At home it’s more easy right now. But to cross borders nothing is very sure. It’s a little bit dangerous right now to make plans. We can but we can’t be sure on anything, So for now no, but when the day comes to plan something of course we’ll do it.

Val: And to be honest for me it’s too early to be a headliner band. We have to promote the band as an opening act. It’s better.

You are working on new songs?

CK: Unreal is the first single, and now we are working on the rest of the album. We work hard to release the album early next year.

I hope the CD‘s or Vinyl’s for the new album will be ready in time. Some bands already have to postpone their album releases because of delays.

CK: We had a bad experience for the vinyls. So I hope it’ll be different for the next album. Honestly until now we had that problem with the vinyl „Second Skin“. Maybe it was just vor the LP because we didn’t have problems with the other albums.

About the songwriting – do you write the riffs first and the lyrics later or is there no set schedule?

CK: We don’t have something very fixed. Loïc composes a lot of instrumentals and Val some lyrics. It depends on what we have first, so we work with that. The best way is when Loïc have a new riff and I work with him and for the lyrics I work with Val or alone. Val also works alone for the lyrics sometimes. Our technic for work is chaotic. ???? It’s not a very fucking great order in our work.

Which bands would be your favorite to support?

CK: Many people ask me that. Honestly I can’t decide for a band because I want to play with many many bands. For now I don’t know.

Val: For me, I have two. The first I was a fan of them when I was fourteen, it’s Iron Maiden and for the show it would be great with Alice Cooper.

CK: Well for me too. I’m a huge fan of Alice Cooper, but right now I don’t know.

Val: And Bands like Ghost!

CK: I don’t know for now maybe Deftones! Or maybe Lions at the Gate because I had a talk with Christian Machado, the singer and they released a new song. I really dig it. Why not to play with them?

Picture by Stéphane Harnisch. 

Do you have any other news for your fans?

CK: For now we just keep the silence because we are preparing many things. You will see. And just whatever’ll happen keep your smile motherfuckers!

Val: Yeah, that’s a great point!

Val, you are like the Finns, they don’t say much.

CK: The problem is, when Val wears his make-up he can’t talk really much!

Val: I can’t talk, I can’t drink and I can’t eat.

CK: That’s very fucking dramatic. Haha!

Thank you so much for taking the time and have a great show now.

Val: Thank you so much. Bis bald!

CK: Thank you. Vielen Dank!

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