Interview with Konstantin Michaely / Death Cult 69

Congrats to the 2 Songs on your EP „Join The Cult“. In our last interview in march 2021 for Wisborg’s new album „Into The Void“ you suggested something like a new project and I guess it was this one, right? Tell us more how you came up with it.

Yeah, we were already working on the “Join The Cult” demos back then and recorded the EP two months later. Death Cult 69 was started during the pandemic. I’ve always been a fan of doom metal, and since most WISBORG shows were canceled I had some time on my hands to start something new.

I find many similaries in the project to WISBORG. The video to „Join the Cult“ reminds me on „Oblivion“ in the image composition. And I got a strong déjà vu listening to the second song The End of Days. The movie The Ninth Gate came into my mind. It’s based on the novel El club Dumas“ from Arturo Pérez-Reverte. Did it inspire you or is it just a coincidence?

That must be a coincidence, I’m not familiar with the novel.

Tell us something about your songwriting. Are you the main composer? Do you have a favorite Doom metal band which inspires you?

I write most of the music alone but Luc and I work on the drums together. Bands like Electric Wizard or Cough certainly had an influence on our sound, but I’m not trying to copy other bands.

The main instrumental part is the organ in my opinion. It gives this mystical touch on the songs and your band name underlines it too. Is there a special meaning in your band name Death Cult 69 or just something you came up by accident?

The name is linked to the band concept which will become clearer with the following releases.

You decided to release the EP on tape. What was the reason to do it? Can we expect an album in the future on CD and/or vinyl?

We like tapes. They match the retro vibe of our music and are fun to collect, so it just made sense to us. We are working on more music at the moment, let’s see when it will be released and in which formats. There is no pressure on Death Cult 69, we do everything at a pace that fits our lives and other projects.

Are you also thinking on performing the songs live someday? I guess you would need other musicians for playing live acts. Which ones would you choose?

Yeah, playing live is definitely a goal. Let’s see who’ll join us, it’s still a long way to the stage.

Will it stay a sideproject or maybe become as important as Wisborg for you?

Time will tell. As I said, no pressure. Death Cult 69 is supposed to be fun for us, let’s see how it goes.

Are there any other news you want to let us know?

Only that the tapes are almost sold out. Better be fast:

Thanks for your time and interest in our music!

Thanks for your time and stay healthy! 

Death Cult 69 are:

Konstantin Michaely: clean vocals, guitar, bass, organ

Luc Lacroix: drums

Youtube Channel

Video: Antti Honka

Artwork: Gaburrr

Logo: Kollaps (He)Artwork

Photos: Amber Laguz

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