Hi, nice to meet you guys. You are a 6 piece band from Switzerland founded in 2018 and released three singles since 2020. Who are the band members, and how did you meet up?

Hello Liz, We’re delighted to be here with you again; thank you for inviting us for this interview; we hope you and your audience will be as excited to read this interview as we were writing it. HOLY FIELD is a six-piece Post-Nu-Metal band from Lausanne, Switzerland. You’ll find Sub Killer on Rhythm Guitar and production, Plug 5 on Bass, Loudiny on Drums, 56 K on Lead Guitar, Grey, our talented singer, and our MC Lucky, last but not least.

The combination of Nu Metal with clean and Rap vocals is outstanding. Was it a fixed idea from the beginning, or did you come up with it later?

From the very start, HOLY FIELD has always been about a mutual passion for good music. We love what we do, and we strive to deliver a powerful message and experience to our audience every time. Sub Killer and Plug 5 founded HOLY FIELD in 2018, and their vision from the beginning was to have a fusion element in their music. Their vision has paid off because HOLY FIELD is now appreciated worldwide.

Which bands are your inspiration?

Our most significant influence in HOLY FIELD is each other. We are a multi-cultural band with uniquely different backgrounds, and it’s been our most potent influence and straight since the beginning of our adventure.

How did you come up with your band name? Is there a story behind it?

Go check out our social media @holyfieldbrand for more info! 😉

Are you all involved in songwriting, and how does it work?

As mentioned earlier, we’re all about focusing on the needs of our audience; that’s why we painstaking strive for quality in everything we produce. We feel incredibly grateful to have the very talented Sub Killer in production. Sub Killer is a wizard when it comes to crafting our sonic identity. We’re always mind blown when he comes up with a new track, blending sonic designs with epic cinematic backgrounds and leaving us just enough headroom for us to bring our magic on it.

Who writes the lyrics? Where do you get the inspiration for them?

Lucky is our in house wordsmith and true poet at heart! He’s also a master improviser and clearly deserves his earnt title of MC (Master of Ceremony). We draw his inspiration from what he sees, loves and feels!

How much did the pandemic influence you as a band, especially in your studio work and video shoots?

It was a chance to think outside the box, forcing us to be even more creative. We made sure to respect and abide by our local government guidelines and measures, and we are still overcoming many challenges during this unique period in history. Finally, it has been a chance to solidify the union between the six of us in HOLY FIELD and focus on what matters for our audience and us as musicians.

Tell us more about your cooperation with the Sofia Session Orchestra for the song “Deception “– your latest single. How was it to work with them?

It was Sub Killers fantastic idea! We had worked with them in the past and had asked them if they could perform on our latest Single DECEPTION. The results speak for themselves!

Are you already working on your debut EP or a full album? When will it be out?

HOLY FIELD is excited to announce that we are working tirelessly to produce our brand new album coming out very soon. We’ve been pretty obsessed with all the fine details and making sure we get this release perfect, but we can’t say more now. We’ll have to reschedule an interview with you, Liz, before it comes out.

Do you have plans for a tour next year? Which bands would you love to tour with?

For now, our complete focus is on our new album, which doesn’t prevent us from performing gigs in Switzerland to our local audience. Regarding a full-fledged tour, we’re clearly open to the possibility in the future.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Badfish Brewing Company and the Badfield bloody ale beer.

What a fantastic collaboration this has been for both parties. This happy partnership started with a deep respect for each others craft. “Badfish Brewing Company” loved our music, and we loved their beers!
It kind of made sense that we created our own beer. To add expertise in beer production from our side, our singer is a “Swiss Sommelier of beer”, making him an expert in the field. The recipe for our “Badfield” was entirely created by Grey himself. We were involved in every stage of the production phase and also made the branding and promotional content.
We all loved the experience; the final result was a beautiful brew that we were very proud of. It literally sold out in a few weeks, and we’re glad that our partnership with Bad Fish brewing company will be long term.

Besides music, what are you doing to get your mind off in your free time?

We all have many other projects that we are deeply engaged in, but when you love and feel passionate about music like we do, you never want to take your mind off it!

Do you have some other news you want to share with us?

We’ve got some exclusive new merchandise, from caps, t.shirts and hoodies we are sure your audience will love to have. You can go grab these products at the following link

We also invite your audience to go listen, share, and follow our content on social media by clicking the link below!

Finally, we want to thank you, Liz, for your understanding and for taking the time to set up this interview with us. We look forward to being interviewed by you again!. All the best from the HOLY FIELD!

Thank you for your time, and hope to see you soon on stage.

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