Interview with Toxi Ghoul – Motel Transylvania

Hi Toxi, it was nice to meet you at your concert in Regensburg on Halloween. Please introduce your band and the members.

The pleasure is all mine. It has been one of the most beautiful concerts of my carrier, both for the show itself and the human component of it. The people accompaining me in the Motel Transylvania adventure are the guitarist Taison, the bass player Fish and the drummer Leo… and seems like I am the vocalist.

You started as a solo project in 2013. What was your main goal at this time and when did you decide to form a band?

The project was born because, at the time, I felt the need to bring something new in what was my artistic journey. I recorded the first track in my own room and I uploaded it on You Tube, half for fun and half for a gamble. I didn’t have a true objective at the time, I just wanted to make new music. Unexpectedly, since day one, many people have shown interest for the project, I received many requests for live shows and thus Motel Transylvania stopped being a ghost project and became a true band.

Which bands influenced you the most in your carreer so far?

Basically, Motel Transylvania is the result of all the influences brought by all the people who have been and are involved in it. Surely, the first sonorities who had influenced us were the ones of bands like Misfits and Demented Are Go. Everything that has arrived after and will arrive later is really close to industrial, goth and (why not) Neue Deutsche Härte.

The bandname and many lyrics show me your preference for horror stories, right?

Yes, absolutely. Horror culture has been a key factor since day one: as you could see written on the back of my jacket the attitude is “No Satan, no lust… no fun”.

What does 1320 stand for?

Well, it’s a secret. I will tell you in the next aftershow… I promise!

PIC & EDITING BY: Stefania Carbonara Videomaker

How does the songwriting work in your band? What else except horror stories inspires you to song lyrics?

Having a strong connection with the other band members is fundamental to turn ideas into solid ground where the songs can grow and develop. 90% of the times, the idea starts from riffs written by Taison or Fish and put together with collective reharsals in order to find the final structure with Leo’s drumming and my vocal parts. Talking about the themes of the songs, not only our music has taken another direction but also and foremost the lyrics: we could say that, in general, our music is an inner journey inside the self through the deep, twisted and luxurious faces of love.

Your first album came out 2018. Are you working on new songs and a new album?

Yes, we are. As you heard during the show in Regensburg, “To Hell” and “Rise and Fall” will be two of the singles included in the new album.

You played a show in Regensburg at Halloween, was that your first concert after the lockdown in Germany? How were your feelings before and after the show and most important on stage?

Yes, it has been our first international show after the lockdown. What can I say? Tiki Beat made us feel at home: Andrea, Alex Hellcat, Bathead, all the Tiki family and, last but not least, all of you in the crowd were able to drag us into our real dimension, where there is no line between stage and audience; just positive vibes and the fucking purpose of partying all together. Once more, Germany has confirmed itself as part of our hearts.

By the way will I see you behind the drums on stage somewhere in the future?

It is very likely that, after this covid shit, I will come back behind drums as an international session/ghost drummer.

Funny question: I’m sure you remember a funny situation on stage or in the studio you want to share with us!

Actually we’re a bunch of idiots. most of the time we have alot fun together. Some anecdotes cannot be told, not in an interview at least haha. but i remember once i was on stage a little bit drunk (just barely) and nothing … I announced the following song reading the set list of opening band! 

What are you doing besides music, when you want to get your mind of? Do you have other interests/hobbies?

Surely music is the main fuel that guides me in my daily routine, but I also love to dedicate time to myself travelling and writing. I am addicted to art… and of course ginger tea.

Are there some other news you want to share with us?

The main news I want to share with you is that the new productions of Motel Transylvania will be managed by Marco Barusso, producer of bands like Lacuna Coil, who has also been involved in collaborations with great artists like Ville Valo. At the moment, we are looking for a label that could really highlight the band and expand of our perspective with new goals and experiences: we already have three singles and videos to release. We will soon delete all the old material from all our platforms so, if you still want to keep listen to the old songs, we have some copies of the old album left.


Thanks so much for your time. Hope to see you soon again on stage!

I thank you for the time you have dedicated to me and I really hope that our paths will cross again soon.


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