Interview with Marco Mulè – Ricercados

Nice to meet you. Please introduce your band, who are the band members, how did you meet up?

Hi, nice to meet you. We are: Seby Carrubba on lead vocals and guitar, Marco Mulè on lead guitar, Rino Argentino on bassguitar and sound produce and Salvo Crucitti on drums.  We met through Seby who was forming a new band in 2016 and looking for new members.

How would you describe your music and which bands have influenced you?

I would describe it: Powerful, aggressive with Punk Rock attitude = Rock‘n Roll!!!

We are inspired by many bands: Litfiba, The Cult, Mötley Crüe, Guns n’ Roses, Aerosmith, Korn, Slipknot, Megadeth, Metallica, Rammstein and many more.

Many bands decide to sing in English mainly because they think it’s better for an international carrier. You decided to sing in Italian language. What are the reasons for it?

Because we believe that english must be sung well and therefore we believe that singing in the original language has it‘s own originality as well as charm.

Are you all involved in the song writing process?

It happens naturally when you get the inspiration from a personal experience or everydays life and you start building a song. Throwing a few notes and from there the band begins to build the whole song. Every song gets the footprint of every single member which is very important for us.

Your lyrics are about important topics like corruption, mafia, politics, religion …
Who writes the lyrics?

Seby Carrubba, he was inspired by bands that go against the tide and are politically incorrect.  But we want to give a voice and make ourselves heard by people all over the world.

What’s the meaning of your bandname? Who came up with it?

The name was randomly invented. We decided to call us Ricercados because we make songs quite provocative and in addition we are always against everyone and consequently we will be“wanted“ by everyone.

Since 2018 you released 4 singles and played many concerts in Italy, Romania and Austria. You also opened for Lacuna Coil in Piedmont. I guess it’s time for a debut album. ???? Have you already plans for a release?  

We are currently planning to play concerts in Italy and abroad. Because of the covid we couldn’t do much and had to wait and so we are organizing and moving to play but above all to make the debut of our new album. We haven’t decided the date yet but you will soon know, so stay up to date.

With which band would you love to go on tour?

The bands we would like to play with are really many but our wishes would be with: Korn, The Darkness, Megadeth, Metallica, Slipknot.

Can you remember a funny situation on stage, in the studio or at a video shoot?

An important story happened that we had to take a very difficult photo. Our drummer had to read a newspaper while it burned. A friend tried to help Salvo when he caught fire quickly and immediately dropped the newspaper. He put out the fire with a bucket of water. went to get the newspaper and was about to catch him on fire to put out on the bucket.

Beside music, what are you doing when you want to get your mind off things? What other interests do you have?

Our interests are very different. I am very interested in sports, Seby is passionate about motorcycles, Rino and Salvo are video games nerds. What unites us is music.

Last but not least, do you have some other news you want to share with us?

We will soon release our debut album and we are going to organize ourselves to move and promote it too.

Thanks so much for your time. Stay safe and hope to see you soon.

Thanks you for you work and stay safe. I hope to see you.

Rock’n Roll

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