Rock-Criminals unveil video for new single “Get Yourself Together” featuring Michael Monroe

Photo by Markku Nykänen

Finnish rockers Rock-Criminals consisting of frontman Alex Wild, guitarist JS, bassist Mike Scott and drummer Luke Eaton have unveiled a video for their new single “Get Yourself Together” which features Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe. The latter co-wrote the lyrics for Rock-Criminals‘ new single.

Rock-Criminals‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

Stupido Records proudly presents, Rock-Criminals.

February starts with a classic rock and roll blast, when Stupido Records releases Rock-Criminals’ single ‘Get Yourself Together’, which has a special guest Michael Monroe who once coached the band at X Factor Finland as well.

“Cooperation with Michael was a great honor. We asked him to help us with this song and he wanted to go to the studio with us. It was amazing,” says Rock-Criminals. “‘Get Yourself Together’ is a cheery song in such a dark time and it has a positive message: Things will be okay. Don’t know when but they will be one day,” says the band.”

Rock-Criminals‘ “Get Yourself Together” video feat. Michael Monroe:

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