Review EP “Seasons” – Lasskahl

Review EP “Seasons” – Lasskahl

Lasskahl is a (melodic!) progressive metalcore band from French-speaking Switzerland.

„With a desire to present a senic performance of sound and light, all while looking for the perfect mix between breakdown and delicacy as well as a complex part in syncopated rhythms. The band tries to blend different styles in a hypnotic atmosphere.“ The band description in their EPK made me curious and after listening to their songs and watching the youtube videos I totally agree.

The 4 tracks were released as singles starting from march 2022 until march 2023 and are now on the EP „Seasons“ released in april.           

Immediately chatched me the dominant bass which gives the songs a special touch. Accompanied by amazing guitar riffs and propulsive drums and most of all Stefanos amazing melodic clean vocals combined with his harsh growls/screams. That’s the reason why I added (melodic) to their music genre.

My favorite track is „Grudge, Gift of Suffering“. The symphonic beginning/ending is outstanding and Stefanos growls are at his best. I love it when a song surprises me with unexpected hounting parts. And I have to add „Labyrinth Gates“. After listening to this song many times it became also a favorite. The syncopated rhythms are outstanding and the amazing drumpart in the end combined with Stefanos screams are fantastic.

The only thing I could complain about is that there are only 4 tracks on the EP. 😉 All in all Lasskahl deserves to be known much more and hopefully this will happen with the release of their debut album at the end of the year. I’m looking so much forward to it.

Independent release april 13, 2023

Rating: 9,5 from 10


1 – Labyrinth Gates

2 – Clouds Above Chains

3 – Faces From The Past

4 – Grudge, Gift Of Suffering 

Lasskahl are:

Stefano Montemari – vocals

Ludovic Coker – guitar

Philip Calvet – guitar

Kilian Rustichelli – bass

Yves Bidaux – drums

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