Review “Aamunkoi” – Vorna

Review “Aamunkoi” – Vorna

What is the secret of Finnish melodic death metal? This unbelievable combination of catchy melodies with piano, acoustic guitars, symphonic orchestration and hard-hitting drums and guitar riffs, and above all the combination of clear vocals with growls and background choir. And if on top it is presented in Finnish language, it’s perfection. Listening to these songs gives me the feeling of being in Finland.

But back to the album. Completely surprising but secretly eagerly awaited, the single announcement “Hiljaisuus ei kestä” in the beginning of the year was probably a highlight for all Vorna fans. After all, the release of their album “Sateet Palata Saavat” in 2019 was already some time ago. What positively surprised me in the first song is the fact that, in contrast to the previous songs, the clean vocals play a bigger role. Vesa’s amazing powerful voice which is more than worth being shown off in more clean vocal parts catches me on every track of the album.

I was especially impressed by the “ballad” Kallioilla. Never expected such a touching song with an amazing guitar solo.

„Kallioilla” (“On These Cliffs”) is maybe one of the most distinctive tracks on the upcoming album. Instead of heavy riffing, blastbeats and fast tempo we slow things down and pay tribute to our beloved homeland and Finnish roots. Hence we are releasing it on a very special day – the day of Finnish Culture and the day of our national epic “Kalevala” says Vorna.

I totally agree with it. For me it’s the song which reminds me the most on my first visit in Finland standing on the cliffs at the Baltic Sea. “Here I will find and lose myself again, here on these shores, rocks, and cliffs.” (Kallioilla)

The album title song “Aamunkoi” closes this masterpiece. It’s the most versatile song and like an anthem giving me goosebumps. “If only you persist till the nightfall, the relief will come.” (Aamunkoi)

For me, the whole album is a journey through the difficult times of the last few years, which the band ultimately used very creatively and were able to develop a lot. Another positive aspect is that the lyrics will be available in English in the booklet of the album.

Definitely an album highlight in 2023 and I am very much looking forward to hearing the new songs played live.

My favorite tracks (hard to choose): Harva Päättää Hyvästeistään, Kallioilla, Raja, Aamunkoi

Rating: 10 out of 10

Lifeforce Records release: 21.04.2023


1 – Hiljaisuus Ei Kestä (Silence Never Lasts)

2 – Harva Päättää Hyvästeistään (Few Decide Their Farewells)

3 – Valo (The Light)

4 – Aika Pakenee (Time Is Fading)

5 – Kallioilla (On These Cliffs)

6 – Muualle (Anywhere But Here)

7 – Raja (The Point Of No Return)

8 – Meri (The Ocean)

9 – Aamunkoi (Dawn)

Vorna are:

Vesa Salovaara – vocals

Henri Lammintausta – rhythm guitar

Artto Järvisalo  – lead guitar

Niilo Könönen – bass

Saku Myyryläinen – keyboards

Mikael Vanninen – drums

The album is available here:

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