Seconds To The Void – The Remixes

Seconds To The Void – The Remixes

→ Release: Jan. 27th, 2023 (2CD – Danse Macabre / Alive)
01. L’Amour Fait Mal (This Eternal Decay Remix)
02. Spirits That I Called (Then Comes Silence Remix)
03. Beautiful & Broken (She Pleasures Herself / Wolf X Remix)
04. In The Haze Of A Drunken Hour (Astari Nite Remix)
05. Fall From Grace (Hell Boulevard Remix)
06. The Sick Rose (The Nightstalker Remix)
07. I Believe In Nothing (Scheuber Remix)
08. An Erotic Funeral (Eden Weint Im Grab Remix)
09. Oblivion (Blcksmth Remix)
10. Winter Falls (Devil-M Remix)
01. Spirits That I Called (Noire Antidote Remix)
02. Becoming Caligari (Noire Antidote Remix)
03. Fall From Grace (Noire Antidote Remix)
04. I Believe In Nothing (Noire Antidote Remix)
05. Winter Falls (Noire Antidote Remix)
06. Don’t Dig Deep In The Shallow (Noire Antidote Remix)
07. Burning Up (Madonna Cover)
08. Words Like Violence

Photo: Fabz Black

Just in time for their tour with Lord Of The Lost in early February, WISBORG are going to
release their new double album “Seconds To The Void – The Remixes” on January 27th, both on CD
and digitally. It features 18 songs – two brand new WISBORG recordings and 16 remixes by other
artists they met along the way since their formation in 2017:
• CD1 features Astari Nite, Blcksmth, Devil-M, Eden Weint Im Grab, Hell Boulevard,
Scheuber (ex-Project Pitchfork), The Nightstalker, Then Comes Silence, This Eternal
Decay and Wolf X (She Pleasures Herself) with one remix each.
• CD2 features six remixes by the Dutch witch house artist Noire Antidote and two exclusive
bonus tracks: the Madonna cover “Burning Up” and the brand new WISBORG original
song “Words Like Violence”, which the band is going to perform live at their upcoming
shows with Lord Of The Lost as well.
“Seconds To The Void – The Remixes” is up for preorder on exclusively!
The first single “Words Like Violence” will be released with a music video on December 16th.
WISBORG live with Lord Of The Lost:
01.02.2023 tba [announcement: December 17th]
02.02.2023 Dresden, Beatpol
03.02.2023 Köln, Club Volta
04.02.2023 München, Backstage
05.02.2023 Berlin, Lido

Konstantin Michaely (r.) – vocals, guitar, programming
Nikolas Eckstein (m.) – backing vocals, guitar, keyboard, programming
Luc Lacroix (l.) – drums
2018: “The Tragedy Of Seconds Gone”
2019: “From The Cradle To The Coffin”
2021: “Into The Void”
2023: “Seconds To The Void – The Remixes”

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