Review “The Third Eye” – Chaoseum

Review “The Third Eye” – Chaoseum

Chaoseum, dark progressive heavy melodic nu metal-/core band (I’m not joking with this description – it fits perfectly) from Lausanne (Switzerland), released their new album “The Third Eye” on 11.11.2022. Since “Second Life” (2020) and the acoustic album “Second Skin” their fanbase grew a lot and the new one was impatiently awaited. 

Already the first song “I, Sexy Zombie” shows us the whole range of CK Smile’s voice and Val, Loic and Greg’s skills on the instruments. Electro elements and melodic beats on the track “Dance on My Grave” immediately encourage you to dance to it. Not the only surprise. “The Third Eye”, is an instrumental track which reminds me on a voodoo ceremony and the background chorus takes part in the next song “Fly Away”. The longest track on the album “Welcome Home” is the most versatile song with amazing drumwork from Greg and an end which always gives me goosebumps. My favorite song! But wait, there’s this amazing version of “Until the End” we already know from the acoustic album which is awesome as well with great guitar solo and outstanding vocals of CK Smile. I don’t go into all songs but every track has it’s own highlights. The dark touch, heavy riffs and breakdowns compaired with unexpected rhythm changes underlines the big development of Chaoseum.

The only thing I could complain about is the playtime under 50 minutes!! ????

Every song has another catchy part and the whole album is a big surprise for me! Most of all the heavy melodic touch fascinated me immediately! So many different music genres merged together but it always stays Chaoseum style. It’s for sure a milestone in their carrier!

My advice like CK Smile says: “Keep your smile Motherfuckers” and listen to this album. A must for all metal fans!!

Rating: 10 out of 10

Independent Release: 04.11.2022


1 – I, Sexy Zombie

2 – Unreal

3 – Dance on My Grave

4 – The Third Eye

5 – Fly Away

6 – My Wonderland

7 – Welcome Home

8 – Until The End

9 – Sanctum Cinerem

10 – What If

Chaoseum are:

CK Smile – vocals

Valery Veings  – guitar

Loic Duruz  – guitar

Greg Turini – drums

The album is available here:

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